About the Coalition

The Saline County Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition was formed by Saline County Commissioner Tim McDermott in coordination with Wilber-Clatonia faculty member, Janet Bulger - a youth prevention sponsor at Wilber-Clatonia High School. Once hearing the needs expressed by annual representatives of Region V Prevention at a County Board meeting as well as several Community members relating an experience with an earlier attempt years earlier, the two combined available contacts and called our first meeting together at the High School in Wilber, NE. The Saline County Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition is therefore a County/Community based organization holding its first meeting on September 10, 2013.

The purpose and focal point of this prevention group resides in its mission statement, “To reduce the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol among people less than 20 years of age.” Our Prevention Coalition has seen steady growth and involvement since its beginning, with less than a dozen stakeholders at our first meeting, to developing an outreach nearing 100 Prevention Coalition contact members. Among those having an investment throughout the year, representing a variety of Federal Government recognized sectors, include those members from the business community (Chambers of Commerce), civic organizations (Lions Club, etc.), the faith community (Pastor’s and church leaders), health care organizations (Public Health Solutions & Bryan Hospital in Crete), law enforcement agency members (area Police Department and County Sheriff’s Department), local government (Saline County government involvement), parents (several concerned and previously impacted parents), schools (School Administrator’s from Friend and Wilber thus far, as well as teachers from the various school districts), and youth (youth involvement from the Wilber High School TCBY group). In addition, we are found connected with prayerful support from several area Churches. County circulated newspaper outlets (Crete News and Wilber Republican) also support us with in-kind help relative to advertising our Prevention Coalition monthly meetings.

Beyond this, the Prevention Coalition has developed an ongoing relationship with Doane College in Crete, NE as an integral stakeholder for coalition development in two areas; marketing & graphic identity. We’ve managed to recruit the investment of time and teamwork of two classes at the college to set a marketing course aimed toward the prevention message to be used in print, radio, signage and various online media outlets of our choosing. Both the marketing and graphics design students will design a logo and present options for emboldening the mission of the Saline County Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition.

There will continue to use the resources available to us to eliminate missing sectors at the conversational table as we meet from month to month. The Saline County Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition will continue to reach out to any stakeholder group or community needed to fill a void when rounding out a unified group for preventative support through our ‘resource committee’ using email or snail mail invitation and information messaging.

The Prevention Coalition meets on a monthly basis, currently the first Monday of each month and the general public is notified and invited each month in area newspapers and also highlighted at County Board, City Council, Chambers of Commerce and civic groups throughout the County.