Coalition Activity

Saline County Coalition activities are both ongoing and one-time events. Grant funding is planned
and implemented when time, resources and funding is available. Please be involved as there
is surprisingly more to do than we have people to do them.


The Coalition designed and provided gymnasium banners to each County high school using the state-sponsored theme, "TAKE TIMEOUT". These 10' x 4' banners were hung in each High School gym during basketball season.

Mailers to Parents

This unique concept was brought to the table by our prevention specialist from Region V. It involved a letter writing campaign targeting the parents of Junior's and Senior's during the time of year of prom and graduation where most celebration is often to occur. The letters were signed by area law enforcement, sent and funded by the Coalition as being from the very office of law enforcement located in there jurisdictions. These letters were opened immediately, as we all would.

Popcorn Bags

Another interesting concept is our providing prevention based popcorn bags to area High Schools where sporting activities would sell refreshments before, during and after games. These popcorn bags will have a themed message and some data points in which prevention information can be shared with both parents and students enjoying the games.


The Coalition will invest resources during the summer of 2015 in using available outdoor, roadside billboards as a means of education and the reinforcement of prevention basics.

June Jam Scholarships

This year, the Coalition offered to area schools having student organized 'drug/alcohol' free groups, an ability to receive free attendance to the annual "June Jam" event held in Milford.

Second Step

Second Step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning (SEL) that so far has helped transform three (3) Saline County grade schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely equipped to encourage children to thrive. 


C/URB has helped fund this nationally-normed, strengths-based behavior rating scale created in partnership with Committee for Children that is designed to assess social-emotional competencies of children in grades K-5.

Newspaper Advertising

This is an ongoing endeavor which allows the C/URB group to chose specific times of the year in which to focus on educational reminders in the area of prevention. It is also noteworthy the cooperation of area news media outlets to provide monthly submissions for their papers each month announcing our upcoming meetings.

Red Ribbon Week

The Coalition was active during the week in October in which schools around the country observe a week to remind kids of the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Our Coalition provided information and support to all area high school students.

Peer to Peer Mailings

We will find time when reaching out to civic or religions groups would be beneficial to the survival of the Coalition. Building resources and sustainability as a prevention group is most important. Letters sent requesting involvement can often bring new volunteer's and fresh minds to the table.

Compliance Checks

In order to comply with Nebraska Law guidelines have been established for the use of underage individuals to conduct compliance checks for the purpose of detecting alcohol violations. The Coalition has used, and will continue to use, grant dedicated funding for this purpose. It was found in 2015 that two establishments in Saline County were in violation. Our intent was to provide enough motivation to correct problems in that area.


The functioning of the Coalition will involve mileage to regional events, as well as supplies that aren't necessarily covered in specific grant fund requests. However, they are funded by the same grant with those incidentals in mind.

40 Developmental Assets

The Developmental Assets® are 40 research-based, positive qualities that influence young people's development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults. We offer these sharable Assets in unique ways through advertising and event focused and theme based strategies.

Radio PSA's

While provided for on rare occasions, there are times during the year when reaching out to kids using their often preferred method of entertainment - the radio, we chose a channel in which is popular among the youth to target them with a prevention message during prom or graduation seasons.

Online Media

As you are currently "online" reading and taking part in our website, with volunteer help our grant funding has supported the design, development and maintenance of the website you are currently visiting. Other developments may follow in the area of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Educational Flyers

As we have been invited to health fairs, board meetings, chamber meetings and civic group meetings, it was seen the need to provide information upon leaving the visitation group. We found much need in the ability to leave something behind.

Responsible Beverage Server Training

RBST grant funding is used to educate those individuals and businesses of the importance in keeping liquor out of the hands of minors. This training provides informational resources and discussion prior to the sale of alcohol at known establishments and temporary venues such as fairs and festivals during the year. (Event Flyer...)

Youth Event & Activity

During the summer Czech Festival of 2015, August 1st on the 'Food Mesto' parking lot from 8:00 p.m. to midnight, the Coalition will work alongside the Nebraska Czechs of Wilber to orchestrate a youth evening of music and dance. Obviously this will be an alcohol/drug-free event and the Coalition will supply the sponsoring manpower to oversee the operation and ensure the kids will have an enjoyable and safe evening. (Event Flyer...)


Do you have other ideas? Please forward your comments and/or suggestions to the Coalition Chairperson.